About us

Welsh Wienand

– Executive Director

Welsh’s hunting career started in 1968 and he has successfully hunted lion, buffalo, elephant and plains-game in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. At the helm of Safari Co. Africa, he adds a wealth of experience through his business ventures.

William Smith

– Professional Hunter

William heralds from a long legacy of strong South African farming stock (and as World Champ 255kg Weight Lifter, you’re in good hands!). This gentle giant is a licenced Big 5 Professional Hunter with PHASA. He has guided numerous hunts for Big Five and plains-game across South Africa.

James Cameron

– Professional Hunter

James was born with hunting in his blood, and has notched up safaris in Southern-, Central- and East- Africa (including Tanzania, DRC, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa and Namibia). He is passionate about bird hunting and the Big Five, and has shared his and famed uncle Mike’s stories in “My Wanderings through Africa” (published by SafariPress).


For someone who wasn’t interested in going to Africa back in 2019 when the trip was first planned, I think my dad’s hooked. Again without a shadow of a doubt I’d suggest anyone to hunt with James, Welsh and William. I had an amazing hunt and time with them and just need to figure out when/how I’m going to head back. I personally really enjoyed the walking style of hunting rather than being in a truck and then stalking when we’d find something. It let us get a lot deeper into areas and see plenty of game we’d have never seen from the roads or in a truck. It also let us get a lot closer to many of these animals since we were walking with the wind in our face. Would love to hunt some of their other concessions in Zimbabwe or Botswana and experience some of the other areas James has been able to guide or hunt in.

—  Billy: Mtn_Infantry 

James, William and Billy



WELSH +27 82 888 1708

WILLIAM  +27 82 808 3044

JAMES +27 83 443 1879